May 21, 2024
sanitary ware singapore

Washrooms are presently not a region only for washing and just for use when nature calls. They have turned into a close space for each individual’s day-to-day “personal time”; and for that reason, it is vital to commit exceptional contemplations and contemplations into selecting each clean product in your washroom. Sanitary ware Singapore  endeavour towards making your confidential space extra agreeable, without dismissing the visual allure. Considering this objective, they are pleased to be the select sole wholesaler of the main European brand. They began by just spending significant time in Japanese tiles quite a while back, and presently we’ve developed to become one of Singapore’s driving providers in the development of completing the material.

Sanitary ware in Singapore began growing their assets on a worldwide scale and by the 1980s, the organization saw itself likewise being advanced with clay and homogenous tiles from Spain, Italy, Turkey and China. Futar further wandered into providing normal stones during the 1990s, beginning with marble and rock with assets from the Middle East, Western Europe, and South and East Asia.

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As the organization extended, we moved into our new office premises in the time of 2006, where we likewise began our creation plant when we had more than adequate production line space in our recently constructed Changi North Way stockroom. With their full creation office stockroom, we had the option to accomplish economies of scale and deal with total administrations, for example, remarkable stone manufacture works and altered slice-to-measure stones – all under one rooftop.


Futar has been a merchant of washroom furniture European brand, VitrA, in Singapore starting around 2006. We have the full scope of every clean product, fixtures and fittings, shower frameworks as well as embellishments. Reliably giving mechanical development and excellent prevalent items, VitrA has been broadly acknowledged in different high-volume projects we have dealt with over the years for its capacity to offer arrangements. This makes VitrA the favoured brand for a developing number of engineers, modellers, planners and workers for hire.

Futar is presently an elite merchant of the Italian brand COCOON. This 2022, hope to see more refined and rich washroom fittings shown in our display area as Cocoon will be sent off with our recently redesigned display area. However, at this point, you can peruse the items that will have for Cocoon.