May 18, 2024
A guide to sea scattering Singapore

When you are bidding a final adieu to your loved ones, you want it to be special. You can choose sea scattering singapore to scatter the ashes of the dead. Organizing such an event needs some knowledge. In this article, we will put together a few things that you should know about this process.

Scattering ashes at the sea – all that you ought to know

If you wish to scatter the ashes of your loved ones in the sea, you need to make a note of some things.

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  • Make sure you are aware of all the local laws of your area
  • Opt only for biodegradable materials
  • Consider the weather before going to the sea
  • Do not hesitate to ask around for help
  • If you suffer from seasickness, the summer months are appropriate for scattering ashes in the sea
  • Make sure that the ashes are blown away from your guests

You can scatter ashes from a boat. This enables you to get access to interior spots and you can also spread the ashes without hassle. Further, you will be able to enjoy privacy while scattering ashes at sea.

However, you can also scatter ashes on the shore. This will not cost you anything. If you have seasickness, you can avoid it as well. Since you want to scatter the ashes at the sea, you can choose your timing to have the ceremony.

Is it possible to scatter flowers at sea?

Well, there is no harm in scattering flowers at the sea. But make sure you are using fresh flowers and not artificial ones. Also, if you wish, you can purchase a packet of biodegradable flower petals that can be used during the scattering at the sea ceremony. Also, to include your guests in the final rites of your loved ones, you can distribute these petals or fresh flowers.

Should you hire a boat for the ceremony?

Yes, you will need to rent a boat so that you complete the sea scattering ceremony without any hassle in the sea.

If you wish to organize this event professionally, you can hire an expert. They will ensure everything is managed well so you do not have to stress. They will look into all the details of your special event supporting you during grief.

You can always look up on the internet and find reliable service providers online. Make sure you are opting for a reputed company. Check for online reviews and also verify them for safety purposes.