July 13, 2024

Large windows and lift and slide doors ensure rooms are flooded with light in new buildings and allow a wonderful view. In existing properties, replacing poorly insulated windows results in considerable energy savings and greater security against break-ins. The equipping of listed objects with new sunroom windows in Winchester, VA, optically adapted to the architectural style, ensures a traditional look with all the advantages of the latest insulation and security standards.

Modern windows are innovative products. Relevant characteristics are material, window construction – and the type of construction and the window profile. Glazing, frames, locking mechanisms, the choice is yours.

Plastic windows

Plastic windows are the combination of thermal insulation, an attractive appearance and an excellent price-performance ratio. Elegant entry-level models are already available with basic safety equipment. There are no limits to the design – grey, blue, red or wood decors, windows for your home are available in many colour variants and decors.

In addition, plastic windows are easy to care for, weatherproof and durable. Today, almost 100% of the plastic used in window construction can be recycled, which speaks for a positive ecological balance.

Plastic-aluminium windows

A plastic-aluminium composite combines the advantages of both materials in one window. Plastic is an inexpensive alternative and the aluminium shell protects against the weather, dirt and violence. Thanks to the flush aluminium shell, these windows look modern and straight, have excellent heat values ​​and have high energy efficiency and safety standards. The deep glass inset prevents mould and condensation. Plastic-aluminium windows are almost completely recyclable and are kind to the environment.

Wood window

Tradition, wellbeing and the feeling of natural warmth – the new generation of wooden windows are made according to the client’s wishes and score with excellent insulation values, a high safety standard and, of course, sustainability.

Wooden windows ensure a pleasant room climate in the house because wood balances out temperature and humidity fluctuations and naturally has good thermal insulation properties. In combination with multiple glazing and security equipment, wooden windows are attractive and solid and bring comfort into the house. The longevity of the windows can be achieved with one coat of paint after 10 to 15 years.

Wood-aluminium windows

The material combination of wood and aluminium combines the positive properties of both types of windows, and not just in terms of appearance. With wood-aluminium windows, the wood in the frame saves energy and the aluminium profile protects against damage and moisture. Longevity, excellent thermal insulation, high weather resistance and burglary protection are the big pluses of thWood-aluminiumood windows.Wood-aluminum windows are almost completely recyclable and protect the environment.