June 15, 2024
Highlux lighting

The solar bollard lights are perfect for landscape design and outdoor lighting. It is simple and cheap to install. Plus, it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t add a monthly electric bill. When you want to pick a long-lasting and energy-saving light alternative, go for solar bollard lighting.

The growing market of solar panels and solar lighting has driven a lot of product innovation. It has no idea what to look for when doing model comparisons. Highlux lighting has different solar lights that have widely varying quality levels on everything, from power storage capacity up to the light output and service life. When asking for the right questions before purchasing saves you from wasting money with ineffective solar installation.

Highlux lighting

The solar bollard lights

The solar bollard lights require no electricity and wires. The solar bollard lights run completely on a solar power light – no electricity and no wires. The solar outdoor lights may absorb sunlight within the day to recharge the environment-friendly batteries and remain on within 8-hour fully charged.

Outdoor solar bollard lights

The outdoor solar bollard light has a non-glaring lampshade. It has a unique must surface treatment, the glaring effect is fair better to mark the lawn and pathway, as well as the yard, patio, and garden. It makes it look elegant and noble. It gives you no electricity and no wires requirement running completely to solar power.

The outdoor solar bollard lights can be quickly installed by pushing the solar pathway lights on the ground. The eco-friendly specification of the solar bollard lights with 6-lumen output and warm white LED. It has solar outdoor lights that absorb sunlight within the day for recharging purposes and enjoy free lighting overnight. Solar bollard lights are weather-resistant.

The weather-resistant feature of solar bollard light is not worrying when exposed on the solar lights to the snow, frosting, and rain. The solar landscape lights are made of stainless steel that works normally under all types of weather.

How does solar bollard lighting work?

The solar lights for the garden are small or medium size, taking energy from the sun and converting it into light during nighttime. When the sun goes down, the photoresistor registers the light and turns on the LED light. The energy stored in the battery is used as the source power of the light.

How bright are solar bollard lights?

When speaking of solar bollard brightness, some of them have drawbacks. Some of them are not as bright as the electric fixtures. The average solar path light will deliver about much light as a 40 watts light bulb. The solar landscape lights are providing ambient lighting that tends towards bluish hues.

Solar bollard lights are super reliable and supercharge, even during cloudy days that give a decent amount of light output.