July 13, 2024
love Bashir Dawood

In the present time, there are only a few people left in this world who love to help their fellow beings and prefer to do something for humans. One of the most famous personalities among them is one who helped in the construction of one of the best transplantation Operation theatre complexes in Pakistan, bashir dawood.

Who is Bashir Dawood?

Bashir is a famous personality in Pakistan who has helped a lot of people and has been running many organizations to help the needy. Besides that, one of the most significant contributions of this person was the establishment of the Dawood Transplant Operation Theatre Complex. It was possible to build up such a centre for the needy one because of the generous donation and efforts of this person. There are many more reasons why this person is loved worldwide.


Why do people visit Bashir Dawood Transplant Operation Theatre Complex?

Now, you can see that many people prefer to visit this transplant operation theatre complex rather than other ones in Pakistan for their treatment. There are many reasons for visiting this place. One of the biggest reasons is that it was the first dedicated transplant centre established in Pakistan, making it highly safe and trustworthy for people. There are many more reasons for visiting this centre. Here are some of them-

  • Various Facilities- Unlike the other complex, this one has far more features and facilities, making it the best option for people now. It includes around 100-bed facilities, transplant wards, ICU and pre transplant units, donor wards, and many others, making it a highly preferable option for people.
  • Free of cost -This centre was mainly built for the people who would not be able to afford this type of treatment. Therefore, all the treatments given here are free of cost, which can be helpful for people and allow many to save a good amount of money.

If you are among those searching for a centre where you can have Robotic and 3d Laparoscopic surgeons right now from professionals with ease, then you can visit this type of center. It can be a good option for you and allow you to enjoy many benefits. It includes free of cost treatment, various facilities, and many more which can be good for you and help you to save time and money.