July 13, 2024

Chewing is one of the most important parts of food ingestion. Galloping food with chewing will give you a serious gastric problem. In other words, to take full benefit of food, one needs to chew it properly & for chewing one needs healthy gums & teeth. Unfortunately, many people suffer from the multiple tooth decay & have to go for dental implantation again & again. Have you though how many teeth can be replaced without posing any problem in long term? It is better you give proper attention to numbers of time you go for the tooth replacement.

If you have more than one tooth to be replaced, you can choose to go for multiple implants for one single wide implants. Traditionally, many people prefer to have single implant for each tooth as it is considered beneficial & do not pose any harmful side effects. But, if you have more than one tooth to replace, you can opt for a wide dental implant which is capable of supporting more than one tooth without any strain.

Another common practice that can easily be seen in this regards is the fitting of single dental implant & all the teeth are joined using the bridge or denture. However, this type of teeth replacement is not as common as above ones.

Tooth Replacement Options Singapore

 Available choices for the tooth replacement

By the way, it is our job to prescribe you the tooth replacement options singapore. It depends up on the availability of bones & muscle tissues at the site. Each implant needs proper tissue connectivity so that it can fit itself firmly. The choice of single or multiple dental implantations varies from individual to individual as everybody has different tissue density & bone availability.

Furthermore, if you need to have more than 10 teeth to be replaced, it is better you go for our valuable & precious advice. The most probable option is to go for, at least, five to six implants which would support the complete jaw. But, as stated, the numbers of implant vary from person to person; one may have more than 6 implants as well. However, having more than six implants is extremely rare case & is not observed for common man.

In short, it is recommended to consult us for the proper prescription for dental implant. Also, prefer an expert surgeon for the procedure, to be on safe side.