June 15, 2024
one room condo singapore

Condo living is the best decision that most people love to proceed with. Unlike an apartment, building individual houses, living in condos have gained great popularity. You know according to reports, people who want privacy and those who want security with less maintenance facility, condo purchase is the most preferred choice now. Choosing the perfect condos like one room condo singapore that suits your budget and lifestyle needs more research.

You can enjoy plenty of benefits when you buy and live in condos. Finding the best condos like one room condo singapore sounds typical as you have come across several condo association service companies. This is why knowing about some drawbacks when you are decided to live in condos is important.

Benefits of living in condos:

Let’s know about some cons with living in condos:

  • Initially, HOA (homeowners association) rules are a major drawback. Their rules when living in condos are very strict and their guidelines are a bit disgusting sometimes. Today most people are pet friendly and want to make their pets live with them only. Some HOA never allows pets to live in their condos community and of course, some condos community allow pets. Moreover, trash pickup and all kinds of products storage regarding rules are very restrictive. You need to follow their rules at any cost if you are decided to live in your purchased condo. This is why before buying a condo in that community, please try to know the HOA rules of that community. If it suits your lifestyle and you are ok with it, then only buy the condo over there.
  • The other drawback is the risky investment you are making by purchasing a condo. You know you are sharing the ownership along with other condo owners in that specific condo community. For example, if any of the condo owners sell their condo at a low price, then its impact will be on you as well if you are sharing your condo in that complex only. Here if you want to sell your condo at this point, your profit will minimize due to this situation.
  • Remember that a condo is an individual unit within a group of buildings. So, if you buy a condo, then the other shared condo within such a group of buildings might impact your privacy over here. For example, if anyone runs fastly with footsteps early in the morning, you might disturb due to that shared space. This is one of the drawbacks. This is why condo purchase is not so easy when you worry about privacy, you have to research more.


Sometimes maintenance cost is more is another drawback. This is why noticing the discussed drawbacks is also needed to live in a condo.