July 13, 2024
iso 27001 singapore

Every industry has benefited from our ISO and BIZSAFE certification services for ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 at this time. When it comes to protecting the privacy of your business and clients, what steps do you take?

How can you ensure that your Information Assurance is sound when protecting client data?

With ISO 27001:2013, you may go above and beyond your current level of technical ability to achieve management excellence. Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) must be documented and implemented in the context of an organization’s overall business risks, according to the criteria of ISO 27001 SINGAPORE. Individual organizations or parts of them might tailor security measures to their own needs by following this document’s guidelines. The goal of ISO 27001:2013 is to make sure that the appropriate and proportional security measures are selected to secure information assets and offer interested parties trust.

When your systems and data are safe and secured by ISO 27001 SINGAPORE, you can rely on the faith of your stakeholders.

  • Compliance with the law is ensured.
  • Ensures the safety of sensitive information
  • It gives your firm an advantage in the marketplace by being a pioneer.
  • It enables your company to go further than technical knowledge and acquire managerial excellence.

iso 27001 singapore

Grants for Business Growth (EDG)

Under the Enterprise Singapore Grant (EDG), the certification of ISO 27001:2013 is eligible for subsidies. For your company to be eligible again for EDG, you need to:

  • Be licensed and registered in Singapore
  • Have at least 30% local ownership.
  • Begin and finish the project in a financially sustainable manner.

Enterprise Singapore will evaluate these applications based on the project’s scope, the results of the project, and the service provider’s competence. The following subsidies are available to organizations under the EDG:

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are eligible for up to 70% of approved expenses, while non-SMEs are eligible for up to 50%. Certification fees are a good part of the overall budget.

CCIS Is Singapore’s Reliable ISO 27001 Consultant

CCIS offers consulting services to help your company through the development, implementation, and testing phases. Aside from assisting with the EDG grant application, we also aid our customers in obtaining it. As a result, we’ve helped more than a thousand firms achieve their ISO goals.

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