May 18, 2024
Rewards API

With the onset of the pandemic, most customers shifted to online shopping platforms to find the goods they needed. However, it was soon noticed that even on the online mode, many people had shifted to choose a ‘favourite’ shopping platform, which surprised quite a few people since the products sold on each platform were the same and they had similar discount offers running quite often. The thing that made the differencewas the rewards api system.

In simpler terms, it was the reward programmes and schemes provided by the platforms upon receiving a set number of points after shopping that helped gain more and more customers on their platform as many started to flock to the free things, they may gain from such a reward system.

Rewards API

What are reward programmes?

As mentioned earlier, reward programmes are software or Application Programming Interfaces programmed in a manner to keep the customer engaged on the platform by offering them ‘points’ or rewards for doing a specific task on the said platform. This task can differ as per the platform, like shopping on online shopping platforms or buying certain products from the official website of a company.

It is mostly to entice the customers to buy and invest more time and money on the platform or website they are using. Most of these rewards can be collected or encashed once enough points are made.


Reward systems are a popular way of marketing and increasing the engagement of the customers by offering them free goods as a reward beyond a specific price. For an instance, if one buys more than seven articles from a website, they may get a voucher for a free accessory from the same brand — quite a generic reward system which can be very profitable, when all things considered.

However, through the online mode, it can be made more exciting and cost-effective for businesses by establishing a points or credit system for buying things above a certain amount. Like one point per every five hundred dollars spent and getting a physical reward like an accessory or equipment once reaching ten or so points.

It not only motivates people to spend more but also gives the idea of getting more things free of cost.


In the end, the best way to gain the loyalty of the customers while also keeping them engaged is by giving appropriate ‘rewards’ or gifts and discounts for engaging and shopping on the platform. This will not only promote the said website but also make the customers feel accomplished and satisfied.