May 18, 2024

Your cast and crew may have a hard time locating an appropriate location. Maybe you feel like you just need to do it at home. However, you’ll have to clean up the mess afterward, make preparations before shooting, and risk having your privacy compromised. This is why we have created A Perfect Space. To aid you and your team!

Finding a suitable site for a photo, event, or pop-up can be a time-consuming and difficult task. It was clear that location scouting needed an upgrade, as did the means through which private homeowners and event venue operators could advertise their properties to a global audience. A Perfect Space is a service that will help you with every aspect of finding a new location.

There are options to narrow your search by Category, Style, and Function:


Mansion Estate Warehouse Farms and Rural Commercial Mansion Apartment Studio

Constructions: Agricultural Structures Residential Structures Hotels and Religious Buildings


Minimal \sIndustrial



Bohemian \sCountry \sProvincial \sClassic

Styles: Coastal Contemporary Eclectic Contemporary Mid-Century Modern


Indicative of

A Perfect Space - Location Scouting and Venue Hire - A Perfect Space

The use of sunlight


Periodic character

Door with Characteristics

Shutter \sBalcony

A gathering place with a fire pit and a pool table


Area for children to play in

Theme park water play


Caves for storing wine and antiques

A private movie theater in your own home.

FOR Photographic Use Only

Commisison-Based Television and Video

Shows on TV and Movie Premieres

Make lists and coordinate with your team in a streamlined online environment, free of confusing email threads. Simply put, they are the location scouting service that streamlines the entire procedure. You can use their beautiful settings for whatever you need to film. You may get step-by-step help with this process from their user-friendly website. You can use their site as a digital hub for production-related tasks including research, management, and teamwork, with support available at any point in the process.

You may easily and quickly manage all of your location-related demands on their website. All of your venue management can be handled digitally now that you can store and reserve entrance. Have fun looking at the many options they offer and learning all the specifics of each one. You may quickly share these digital documents with your coworkers and store them along the road for use in future projects.

For each area, they provide in-depth analysis as well as details on how to get there. They have thought of everything, including several styles of architecture, costs, parking options, and staff sizes.

All of their facilities must pass a privacy and security assessment to assure a risk-free manufacturing procedure. You can rest easy knowing that both you and the host are protected by their safe and secure payment method while using their platform to book or advertise a venue.

They simplify finding, narrowing down, and reserving the ideal venue for your upcoming performance.

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