May 21, 2024
What Makes a Great White Wine?

The golden rule states that before you choose the right table wine to buy, you must complete your menu first. Choosing the right white wine depends on whether the food you will be dishing out is sweet, salty, or spicy. But then isn’t it important to know as well the many types of white wine online or at the nearest wine shop to you?

You can choose from a sweet or dry or the crisp as well as the creamy. A wine is considered a varietal if it is made of a single variety of grapes. It is important to know the different varietals of wine, coupled with their distinct flavors, and food pairings. Here are more tips that can help you choose the perfect white wine for you.

Seek the advice of an expert.

Perhaps you have a wine connoisseur friend who can guide you through the different types of white wine. However, you don’t have to worry if you have no such friend. You can easily look for a wine dealer in your area and ask for advice. You will be asked all relevant questions and suggest several white wines you can try.

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Check the price.

There are numerous varieties of white wine available out there, but some are quite expensive. You may also find some that are budget-friendly. It’ll be easier for you if you set a certain amount for the white wine you intend to buy white wine online. The main factors that affect the price is the variety of the grapes used and the region which they are from.

Know the difference between DOC, IGT, and DOCG.

When you buy white wine online, DOCG is made considering the strictest regulations. It is tested by a committee to make sure of its geographical authenticity and quality. DOC is less stricter than DOCG, meaning the geographical area can be bigger with the rules about grapes being more relaxed. The IGT refers to the white wine that did not meet the DOC status.

You might want to know about the oak and unoaked white wine.

The oaked white wine means it has been aged in oak wood, which is one of the popular options used by a winemaker to add character to the wine. The unoaked white wine is fruity, fresh, citrusy, and a bit tropical.

Spot a great vintage.

In short, vintage is the year the grapes made into the wine were harvested. Each year differs for each country, region, and vineyard. The best thing to do is to research the vintage of your most preferred wine. A good year means much better wine and it also means a hefty price tag. Experts, however, said that it’s not only the years that must be taken into account in wine making but also the weather and other factors.