May 21, 2024
Singapore A-level exams

The curriculum of every country differs and changes every year. Specific exams are standard in every nation, for instance, the A-Level Exams. The A-level exams usually signify the end of the student’s junior college. This exam is also called the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level exam in Singapore. Students undergo this exam after completing their junior college to obtain a certificate. Here we bring you some information about the singapore a levels. The exams consist of three levels H1, H2, and H3.

singapore a levels

  1. H1 Level

This paper is also called General Paper. The syllabus of this subject is included in the Singapore curriculum itself. So, the students’ preparation for this subject is almost done while pursuing their junior college. This paper usually tests the ability of the students to voice out their opinions and speak in front of the public/ masses. The suggestions of the students on socio-economic issues in the country are addressed and noted. This paper aims to transform students into good citizens who can survive by speaking out their hearts. The exam usually comprises two papers. The questions asked in these papers are from a wide range of subjects.

  1. H2 Level

H2 Level is also referred to as Knowledge Inquiry. This paper is strikingly similar to General Paper. Some universities also use one of them as they are interchangeable. The same abilities of the students are tested as the GP. Sometimes, the GP and KI are combined into one paper to ease the pressure on the students.

  1. H3 Level

This is an exam wherein the student chooses the subject. It is referred to as S-Paper (Special Paper). The marks of this paper can be awarded through a project or by testing the student’s mother tongue. It is easier to pass this exam as the student gets to choose what they want to be tested on. The grading system of all these papers is similar to other exams, except the one who scores S is not granted a certificate, and the student has to reappear for the exams.

Some educational universities term these exams as unnecessary. As unnecessary it appears, these exams are of great importance as they test if the student is capable of being called a junior college graduate. At times, these certificates also aid in getting admissions to various foreign universities as these certificates are globally accepted.