May 21, 2024
Police Check

Hiring policies in the company provide an essential framework to guarantee that short-listing procedures achieve suitable outcomes for a business. But, to business owners, continuous concerns at many diligent managers don’t insist on police checks and bury their heads in the sand when speaking of the risks they run when hiring a new employee for the company.

Intercheck’s Victoria police checks online application offers a safe portal for employment and a government certificate that indicates the holder free from criminal records.

Intercheck's Victoria police checks

Police checks for employment

Whether hiring permanent positions, using contractors, or giving short-term access to the work systems or site to an outside party to take steps towards protecting the integrity of secure systems and employee well-being. The police checks are an essential first step in this procedure. The direct cost of fraud and theft to companies accounts for billions of dollars every year and the biggest contributor to the costs is fraud.

InterCheck Victoria provides a secure online application portal for people requiring:

  • NCHCE (National Criminal History Check for Employment)
  • Positions of trust
  • Volunteering purposes

A police check is not only useful for individuals, but also for businesses requiring the document for the workforce or staff.

The importance of police checks

A police check is popular to some other names:

  • Police Clearance
  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Judicial Record Extracts
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Certificate of Clearance
  • (NBI) National Bureau of Investigation Clearance
  • (RCMP) Royal Canadian Mounted Police Clearance

There are some names used by several countries for the result of the background check, which is conducted by the national law enforcement agency in the country. It contains essential personal details of a person, including fingerprints.

How important is the police check?

Police clearance is a requirement to prove that an individual has no criminal record covering the time of stay in the country. It will validate the character as a person, whether a law-abiding citizen or not. A police check can show how responsible and ethical you are as a citizen, visitor, immigrant, student, or worker. If in case your past and present records show that an individual has a violation of the law, including:

  • conviction
  • lawsuits
  • criminal proceedings
  • any involvement in illegal activities

A remark will be noted on the clearance certificate that states the violation. The police department in the country reserves the right to never issue any clearance to a job seeker or applicant to check if there is a risk to society or any pending case in a court of law. Therefore, it means only law-abiding citizens are to be issued a police check.

Why apply for a police check?

One of the common reasons to get when applying for a police check is: what is the purpose of the application? Getting the best answer to this question is to provide the main reason why trying to get the clearance, such as:

  • Employment
  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Travel

As an applicant being requested by the employer to submit a police check is normal and that can be processed through the online portal of Victoria’s Intercheck.