May 21, 2024

The hemp plant is a source of various chemicals such as the cannabinoids (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), delta 8 THC, and many more that are used as drugs by regular people and are also used by medical professionals for treating patients suffering from mental disorders or severe physical pain. These chemicals are present in different parts of the hemp plant in different concentrations.

Hence, the products derived from the different plant parts also have different chemical concentrations. The concentration of delta 8 is maximum in the flowers of the hemp plant and that is why it is extracted mainly from the flower only. There are various article source present on the internet where information for all these is present and anyone can read it.

Article Source

Delta 8 THC consumption

  • Delta 8 THC is present in all types of cannabis flower and is therefore present in abundance but they are very harmful as they have heavy side effects on the body. There is a large variety of Delta THC present and each of them is produced by several brands. These companies that produce the products of the Delta 8 THC supervise the whole process of production of the products and conduct mass testing in the laboratory before the product is released in the market. Several article source that cover the process of production.
  • There are various ways in which this can be intaken. The classical method of smoking was to crush the flowers and then burn them which released the smoke which was then inhaled. This method was easy and there was no cost except for the product. However, in this method. When the flower is burned, along with the chemical several toxic compounds are also released, which when inhaled by the person is very harmful.
  • Therefore, companies have tried to come up with a better way to smoke. Even though there is no healthy way to smoke weed as they are still harmful but with the help of better equipment this can be made less harmful. Therefore such instruments were made. One such instrument is the vape cartridge. The flower is already packed and is kept inside the vape pen. There is a switch present which when turned on the temperature inside the pen increases till the flower starts to release the chemicals in the form of vapors and no other toxins are released as the flowers are not burned.

Therefore, better equipment should be used to smoke weeds so that there will be fewer chances to smoke the toxins that are released along with the chemicals.