May 19, 2024
Delta-8 Bundles

A very good product containing 80% DEQTHC should not be cheaper than $100 for 50 grams or a little more if you buy a quarter. If a store promises that their delta 8 bundles is as good as the standard one, then it’s definitely too cheap to be true. And note that no store can guarantee that their product is 100% pure and contains only exactly the amount written on the package. In general, oils with 90+ % purity are quite common, but also quite expensive (about 200-300 dollars for 10 grams). 


The price for 1 gram pure DEQTHC should be about 30-40 dollars or slightly more.


Is it possible to find good and cheap Delta-8 THC in the USA?


The answer is YES since there are a number of legal synthetic cannabinoids where you can get high, and these drugs are also much cheaper than real weed. But we strongly do not recommend this way to buy your product, because we haven’t yet found many reliable sellers who offer online shipping and reasonable prices (please note that shipping very often takes up to 14 days). So, instead of wasting time looking for such stores, you’d better visit one of the shops recommended by us on our site. These stores sell high quality products at reasonable prices which will definitely make you happy. You can also buy Delta-8 THC from a local head shop, but again the quality may be not good enough and it will probably take a long time to get your order delivered.

Delta-8 Bundles

Where does the cheaper version of DEQTHC come from?


It’s believed that synthesized products appear on the market after real THC becomes illegal in some region or state. So, if your state is still legal, then don’t look for cheap Delta-8 THC – just pay the normal price and enjoy the incredible feelings! 

After this was written, new laws have been passed in many US states that have essentially made all forms of cannabis illegal. We no longer feel comfortable advertising places to purchase anything containing Delta-9 THC, let alone the 8-position isomer.


If you’re looking for real Best premium delta 8 8 bundles, you can buy it from any store recommended by us on this website. We’ve checked all these stores personally so that there would be no fake or sites among them – only quality products at reasonable prices.