May 19, 2024
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Our vision is to give a good life to people who cannot afford to do it alone. Our mentors are passionate about nurturing social leaders and supporting social causes for social workers. Through an MOU with Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we will support the co-creation and execution of service learning singapore. The MOU has opened new doors for the students to be well-equipped with social advocates through internship and training programs to help them excel in new highs and achieve their targets.

service learning singapore

We Work on different projects related to child health and safety

Childhood is a time of adventure and discovery. It is often said that during the early stage of brain development, your mind can grasp the maximum. With the receding of the game, the grasping capacity of the brain also goes down. Given this, it is essential to give young mindsthe right platform to grow and learn since they are the world’s future. We run such facilities for children who cannot afford it independently, are distressed, poor, or orphans. Types of projects that we run:

  • Child distress program- This program is run for children living in some of the world’s most vulnerable locations, including Afghanistan. In a place where situations can change with the tick of a clock, it is nearly impossible to provide decent living standards for children. Therefore, through our support learning program, we help children and their families survive on funds, help them recover their minimum basic needs, and address the root cause of poverty to build a future.
  • Children in climate change- The most dangerous enemy created by humans themselves is climate change. Every year, due to changing climate, many families are forced to leave their homes and shift to make-shift camps. There they are forced to live a life of misery, poverty, and lack of hygiene. Through our relief camps, we strive to fight for them andprotect vulnerable communities.
  • Disaster response- Disasters are evilfor all generations; landslides, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, etc., are the most common hazardous life- effecting disasters. Our disaster responsive fund is a helping hand in these conditions. From the fund, we plant Abaca trees in disaster-prone areas and create an eco-friendly livelihood. We ensure that no child goes hungry to bed by giving them daily meals, medicines, and therapeutic meals to survive the situation.

A good standard of living is the fundamental right of every human, irrespective of caste, creed, or the region he is born in. If wecannot do that on our own, we must live a life worth living.