May 19, 2024
Food and its varieties of classification

The broad classification of food can be done by the way it is packed and the consumption process of the food .Sometimes the classification of the food is linked to the regional, geographical and location type also.

Classification of food :

Adulterated food – The food which is adulterated is called as adulterated food and it also means it has not met the standards, the other fact is some outer source is added in the food is called adulteration this will spoil the actual goodness of the food and quality of the food.  It is mostly done in the non vegetarian foods like meat and its products

Camping food – The food which is used for camping and backpacking purposed is called as camping food. This food is different from other foods which are found in the normal home kitchen. The food is packed in minimum quantity as it is used in camping and hacking purposes.

Sometimes this food is also carried in frozen state with dried ingredients which can be prepared in the hacking area or the settlement areas during the hacking. Some foods are dehydrated to reduce the weight of the food and they remove water from the ingredients   and pack it once we add water they get cooked and it can be reused for consumption of the food item.

Diet food: The reduced fat food which is made by alteration is called as diet food. This food is reduced in fat, carbohydrate, sugars and the food is altered in such a way the nutritional factor won’t be gone away. This food is extensively used by the body builders as supplements which aid in gaining muscle and weight.   In this the grain content is replaced with fiber content with addition of the starch content.

Finger food – The finger food is one which is meant to be eaten with hand directly in contrast to the food items which are eaten with fork, spoon, chopsticks or any other utensils. In some culture food is eaten with hand only.

Fresh food – The food which is not preserved or not in the spoiled stare is called as fresh food in which mostly vegetables and fruits come into the picture. Some time non vegetarian also comes as fresh if the slaughter is made fresh and served fresh .Dairy products also come under fresh foods

Summing up:

The broad classification of food can be done by the way it is packed and the consumption process of the food