May 21, 2024
Everyone should enjoy their phone experience.

Everywhere you look, you can purchase a mobile phone. Phones may have  evolved in time. Unfortunately, the majority of them are not designed for those with impairments or the elderly.

The Konnekt Videophone is the simplest phone in the world, built exclusively for the elderly, those with disabilities, and those with hearing loss.

One-Touch Telephoning

Auto Answer

Does Grandma not respond? Disability? Dementia? Emergency? Verify their comfort with two-way video and audio. End your anxiety!

Huge Buttons, Extra Loud

For shaky hands, weak vision, and deficient hearing. Restore independence!

No Computer Experience Necessary

No logins, passwords, icons, or menus are required. Contacts, buttons, text sizes, colors, and language that are personalized. Konnekt handles all setup and subsequent modifications without a physical visit.

Touchscreen Video Phone

Phone For Disability

Each call button is large, distinct, and simple to see, and it displays one of your selected contacts. If you have a contact named “Amanda Lee-Ferguson,” for instance, you could name the button “Aunt Amy,” “Big sister,” “Mandy,” or even something in a foreign language such as “.”

Clearly Visible Button

The Konnekt Videophone Call buttons, ANSWER / HANGUP buttons, and on-screen messages are huge and clear, with BIG font, making Videophone ideal for anyone with weak eyesight or shaky hands.

Simple To Hear Phone

The volume of the ringtone can be adjusted independently and made EXTRA LOUD. You may hear the phone ringing from several rooms away, even if you have a slight hearing impairment.

Zero Configuration

Touch the large Konnekt contact button, call us from any phone, communicate with us over Skype, send us an email, or fill out our straightforward form to make any modifications or for assistance. Virtually everything is modifiable using Konnekt without requiring anyone to visit or use a web site.

Video Phone

The Konnekt touch screen video phone provides high-quality, two-way video and audio for face-to-face calls. It is a specialized gadget that is exceedingly user-friendly, highly customizable, and dependable.

Reduced Telephone Bill Prices

You can communicate with your connections as frequently and for as long as you wish, at any time. No bill surprises!

Automatic Call Answer Option

Whether they have taken too long to respond, have fallen asleep during a movie, have a cat on their lap, are eating supper, or are in the next room.

Large Touchscreen Mobile Phone

The 38 cm touchscreen of the Konnekt Videophone is larger than an iPad or tablet.

You can see it from wherever in the room, while sitting in your favorite chair.

It brings your friends and family to life, like to a large television, allowing you to SEE how they are feeling.

Try the Konnekt Phone For Disability and Seniors for them to enjoy a quality time!