May 21, 2024
5 room hdb resale renovation

Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated,” said Paul Rand. It is necessary to understand the importance of interior designing not only for its elegance but also for well-being. People often confuse interior design with decoration. Both of these concepts might sound similar but in reality, are very different. Interior designing requires understanding the behaviour and necessities of clients to create practical spaces whereas interior decorating is embellishing or furnishing decorative materials to obtain a certain aesthetic. Thus, interior designing may include decorating but decorating does not involve interior designing.

Now, being an interior designer is no child’s play. Not only does it require high educational qualifications but it also requires one to be extremely creative. Understanding people’s behaviours, choosing furnishings, finalising colour schemes, supervising the planning, implementing the process and finally achieving success in the endeavour is challenging.

In order to end up with a great interior design, one needs to follow a few steps.

5 room hdb resale renovation

These steps are the phases of interior designing:

  • Strategic planning phase – The first step for the interior designer is to know the client. Inspecting the job site, understanding their needs and wants, mutually deciding on ideas and keeping the budget and ultimate goal in mind is the essence of this phase.
  • Conceptual development phase – involves converting ideas into illustrations, sketching the site transformation plans, basically, creating a blueprint for the client to review and finalise
  • Design development phase- Once the design is approved by5 room hdb resale renovation and the plan is finalised, the interior designer starts to work on the finer details of the project, such as the floor plans, colour scheme, materials, location of additional ornaments etc. The finalised 3D design is sent to the client for approval.
  • Construction documentation phase- requires the work to be distributed among the workers. Construction documents are created by keeping cost estimation in mind
  • Construction maintenance and administration phase- is when the actual work is done. After all the hustle-bustle, the actual construction begins. Specifications and timeframe are kept in mind while creating the dream place of the client

This profession began to emerge in the 20th century but has evolved since then. Today, there are some of the finest designers who not only create a space that is functional but which is also appealing to the clients. Interior designing is an art that is not for everyone but definitely something to look into which could be mastered if passionate enough.