May 19, 2024
wedding bouquet singapore

When we talk about celebrating love, flowers always play an important role. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, engagement, or anniversary, it should never go without them, so it only makes sense that they have the spotlight at weddings as well. The floral arrangements at a wedding should inspire as brightly as the wedding gown worn by the bride does.

Flowers are available to us in all kinds of varieties, colors, and shapes, there is no such limit, they can be used differently and many things can be done with flowers. Here are some ways in which they can prove to be useful for your occasion with flowers and Wedding Bouquet Singapore.

  • Flowers as Centrepieces for Tables

As guests arrive and take their seats, the first thing they’ll notice is the beautiful set of flowers as centerpieces for tables. Undoubtedly, using flowers as centerpieces for tables is a proven and tested way that will sway and leave a positive impression on guests and will enhance the romantic vibes throughout. Ivory tuberoses, Taupe roses, irises, and a few other delicate blooms can together add and deliver delicate softness, luxury, and color to your tables. In contrast, if you wish to add some drama, you may go for a tall wedding vase cascading a variety of flowers from it. For an engrossing effect, you can place a clear wedding vase with the flowers of your taste atop a mirror and enclose it with cute votive candles.

  • Entryway Arrangements

If a person wishes to impress his relatives and friends when they arrive at his wedding, he should consider decorating the entryway with colorful flowers of various varieties. He can do so by decorating the porch or the steps leading to the venue or sprinkling rose petals all around and surrounding the railing with vines. This helps in creating a fairytale-like entrance. Apart from this, a person can also consider placing arbors decorated with flowers. Such a floral entry will undoubtedly become the favorite spot to click photos at the wedding.

  • Bridal Bouquets

Sweet pea flowers, tulips, and roses are known for their fragrance; when they are tied together with yarn, they can perfectly complement a bridal vintage theme. Other ideas that a person can consider for such vintage bouquets is to include a lace strip, antique brooches, etc. He can also consider arranging bouquets in various styles or stick to classic colors such as white or red showcasing a modern bouquet


Bridal bouquets carried on a wedding day are coupled with a soothing fragrance while the bride walks down the aisle and helps to convey a special message in floral language. Visit Wedding Bouquet Singapore today.